Lydon Quill (known as lydon) is an electronic producer, composer, mixing engineer, and DJ based in San Diego, CA. By combining many styles of music including ambient, instrumental hip-hop, house, vaporwave, and shoegaze, he pushes genre boundaries, with the goal introducing his audience to a completely new sound. Starting at the age of six, lydon was taught how to play drums and went on to learn guitar, bass, synthesizers, drum machines, and percussion instruments, all of which can be heard in his music. He started producing at the age of 15 and released his first album, information superhighway, 2 years later. Consequently, he started his own record label, dreamgarden records, in order to release all other projects that followed after, including cache graveyard vol. 1 & 2, dreamgarden inc. vol. 1, lost district, never felt like home, and digital audio tape. The album, never felt like home, was released with a short film he created by sampling and creating a collage from many different animations made throughout the 1960’s-1990’s. He is currently attending San Diego State University, majoring in recording technology and audio design, while also working at the college’s brand new music studio, The Backdoor Studio. He plays and arranges many house shows around the San Diego area, and has played at esteemed venues including the San Diego House of Blues multiple times. While in college, lydon met fellow producers including Hi-Fi, Chazz Brujo, and (just)Strong, and went on to become a part of the Fourth Kind Collective record label (known as 4KC Records). He has worked with other artists including Jay James, Jesse Aaron, Nateyz & Quiet Child, and many more. During his first year, lydon, PK Freeze, B E V E R L Y, Haki Daniels, and Thomas Frye formed the band O.W.L., who is currently on hiatus.


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