website launches  |  2015  

The official site is live. Check back often as new music, updates, videos and pics are added! 

GRAMMY CAMP LA  |  2015  

In June 2015, I was fortunate enough to once again attend GRAMMY Camp in Los Angeles, CA in the Electronic Music Production track. This was my second year of auditioning for and attending this awesome 10 day camp held at the Thornton School of Music on the University of Southern California campus. Over the course of 10 days, student musicians learned from industry professionals, toured LA studios and created original songs that were then performed at the GRAMMY Camp LA Launch party held at the El Rey Theater in LA. Our group — consisting of myself, Lydon Quill (Guitar), Joshua Mehling (Electronic Stems & F/X), Andrew Weitz (Keyboard), Jobi Riccio & Paris Williams (Vocals) — created the original song, Keep It Sexy  

dreamgarden records is born  |  2014

Dreamgarden Records — a new digital label for experimental electronic music, including chill wave, ambient, vaporware, cyberwave and hip-hop — was founded as an outlet for original music created by myself (Lydon Quill / lydon), NETWORK BOYS, Midnight Treasure and other collaborators. Interested in learning more? Drop us a line!

information superhighway  |  2014  

My debut album is now available! information superhighway is an electronic music project that’s littered with heavy synthetics, manipulated samples and laid-back vocals. Featuring lyrics from Nyallah Noah, this concept album is an experimental mash-up that digitally narrates a story of love and romance in the early days of the internet. With a nod to 90s pop culture, information superhighway twists together remixed sound bites and nostalgic artifacts with ambient beats and complex textural layers, creating a fantasy, hyper-real soundtrack that fringes on cyberwave acoustics. You can find the album on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.